What is Bodywork?

Updated: Jun 22

I am often asked, what is bodywork and how is it different from massage? The answer I'm afraid, is complex. In short bodywork reflects a way of being in my experience. It is the language that I enjoy using to express my intention to bring an individual closer to the path toward wholeness. I see the body as the ground, the root, of our being. Therefore, it is the body with which I work that is the cause and effect of a deeper sense of integration.

Massage is the technique through which I am able to develop a dialogue with the Body; and when I say body, I also mean mind (body/mind = Body). So massage for me expresses a less comprehensive category of what bodywork is in its fullness. A dialogue of conscious intention to develop a deeper relationship with the unconscious content of the Body in an effort to generate a greater sense of wholeness, individuality and wisdom.

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