About Me

I landed in Southwest Utah out of a deep desire to live in the mountains. I was in my early teens when I visited this part of the country for the fist time and was inexplicably moved by the size and beauty of the landscape. In pursuit of a more permanent connection with it I sought a degree in outdoor education and psychology which landed me in the wilderness therapy business here in Utah. Across the following years I explored many facets of the therapeutic world, learned to rock climb and discovered a talent for bodywork.  

Above all, this journey has gifted me a connection to this place through service. It is my hope that through this work I can share my gratitude for my years of learning and awakening to the nature of my life's adventure. 

Education and Training

Zion Massage College 2017

Over 1000 hrs of study and practice with multiple disciplines that blended Western ideology and traditional Eastern therapies

University of MN Duluth 2007-11

4 Years of study and practice in becoming a professional educator  including a minor study in psychology


My Philosophy

At the core of bodywork I see a gate through which an individual can awaken to his/er true nature. For many, there are layered expectations about results including range of motion, pain reduction, increased circulation, stress reduction and so on. My approach, while not lacking these benefits, sees them as basic byproducts of engaging with a much deeper process of integrating you with your body's natural ability to be in harmony with its deeper reality.


By addressing blockages and pain through various forms of referencing, we are invited to embrace the natural quality of imbalance that stands between the life we want and the life that we are living. It may sound strange to accept imbalance as natural to our lives, but under closer examination we come to understand that acceptance is only the first step on the journey. Once we accept what is ours we can go to work with what we own and embody. Through embodiment we can actually experience the truth of change within body and mind as we realign with natures ability to create harmony where there is discord giving rise to a more complete expression of life as you.